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Bear Knoll Farm, located in Canaan, NH produces fresh, quality local eggs and broilers.  Our free range hens are raised with free access to food, water and the outdoors as desired.  Our eggs are hand collected, washed with a commercial egg wash, hand rinsed and packed in new, unused egg cartons to maintain food safety.  Our broilers are raised on pasture during the summer months in mobile pens moved daily and are humanely butchered on site to minimize stress to the birds.  Bear Knoll Farm is committed to providing the highest quality products while using sustainable practices, maintaining a happy, healthy flock of laying hens and improving the land on which we live and work.  

Local, sustainably produced, high quality products are the hallmark of Bear Knoll Farm.

We would like to show our gratitude to the communities, organizations, and businesses that support our efforts.

A special thanks to Green For All, the Canaan Farmers' Market, and Custom Gold Grillz for supporting the growth of our local farm and sustainable farms nationwide.

Email or call us at 603-304-5030 or info@bearknollfarm.com

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Call us at: 603 304 5030


Or email us at info@bearknollfarm.com.

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